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Your friendly neighbourhood DevRel

DeveD unites ICT enthusiasts, professionals, and students by fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Through events, workshops, and educational resources, we empower the local IT community and inspire innovation.

What we do

At DeveD, we cultivate growth in the IT community by offering mentorship, networking opportunities, event organization, and educational resources across web development and emerging technologies.

Tech Conference Planning

Orchestrating multi-day developer conferences, featuring keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops on the latest industry advancements.

Specialized Developer Meetups

Organizing niche meetups targeting specific development areas, such as front-end, back-end, or full-stack, to foster targeted learning and networking.

Customized Tech Workshops

Tailored workshops designed to meet company-specific needs, focusing on web development, JavaScript, and other relevant technologies.

Hackathons & Startup Collaboration

Organizing hackathons and partnering with startups to develop innovative ideas, foster creativity, and build practical solutions.

Mentorship & Networking

Connecting individuals with experienced professionals for guidance, support, and networking opportunities within the IT community.

Content Creation

Producing high-quality content, such as live streaming, podcasts, event recordings, and promotional materials, to enhance the reach and impact of developer events and conferences.


Connect and grow with us

Collaborate with us and become part of a vibrant IT community that's all about growing together. Get your team involved in exciting meetups, workshops, and conferences to fuel their passion for tech and drive your business forward.