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JSNation 2023: A Developer's Day Out in Amsterdam

Darko Bozhinovski

The contemporary world of JavaScript has grown exponentially over the years, and JSNation 2023 was a testament to this growth. As the team at DeveD navigated the event, we learned a lot, had many conversations, and saw a plethora of presentations that defined the present and future of JavaScript.

Amsterdam, with its rich history and contemporary flair, never disappoints. For the DeveD team, the city was not just the backdrop for a conference but an integral part of the experience. And, as fate would have it, the airport greeted us with a surprise – stumbling upon some colleagues and members of our BeerJS community! It’s moments like these that turn conference trips into great memories.

Team DeveD and community members at the airport

The Kromhouthal, an ex-shipyard, served as the conference’s venue, adding a rustic charm and authenticity to the entire event. Its industrial roots juxtaposed with the modernity of JavaScript discussions, creating a dynamic atmosphere.

Let’s take a closer look at the conference experience!


The Goodies and Organization

The swag was stellar - we’re especially happy with the coffee mugs. The food choices were diverse and delicious, and there was some pretty decent coffee available. The cherry on top? The beer (one of the choices being a branded conference Ale) to wind down post-event. As for the organization, it was mostly smooth, though the long food truck and restroom queues were noticeable.

Branded Ale

Unscripted Interactions: A Conference Highlight

The QnA booths following presentations were arguably the event’s best feature. Here, discussions flowed freely, with Ryan Carniato’s session being particularly memorable (to me at least). Meeting him in person was enlightening and proved that heroes can sometimes exceed our expectations.

Sessions That Stood Out

Ryan Carniato demystified the Suspense concept, offering insights not limited to Solid.js. Zach Leatherman delved into the realm of web components in “The Good, The Bad and The Web Components”, highlighting the importance of standards. Wes Bos, through “AI and Web Development: Hype or Reality”, presented a hands-on guide on AI’s role in his podcast, shedding light on its practical applications.

This is not to say that the rest of the presentations were bad - it was these three that really captured our attention and we’re still discussing pieces of those months after the conference.

jsnation mosaic

Constructive Feedback

While there were many highs, certain aspects needed fine-tuning. Improved sound isolation between stages and more efficient queue management for amenities would have elevated the experience.

A Final Note

For the DeveD team, JSNation 2023 was more than just an event—it was an experience of learning, networking, and memorable moments, all set against Amsterdam’s timeless backdrop. Such experiences, rich in knowledge and camaraderie, validate why conferences like JSNation are pivotal for the developer community.

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